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Coach Scott Brooks On Resting Players

Head coach of the Thunder Scott Brooks does not believe in resting his players to conserve energy for the playoffs. With all the young guys on the Thunder roster I wouldn’t think that would even be necessary. According to The Oklahoman Scott Brooks says that sitting players is “cheating the game” and the fans. He also had this to say,

“If we had a bunch of veteran guys in their 30s, there’s no question things would be different,” Brooks said. “But our guys, if you take out some of the guys, they’ll think I’m benching them twice a game. They want to play every minute. They love to play and they want to keep playing. It’s like pulling teeth to get five or six minutes out of them per half.”

Kevin Durant was asked how he felt about Scott Brooks possibly sitting him out a few games to rest up for the playoff and here’s what he had to say about it,

“He knows not to do that”

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Is It Still A Race Or Has KD Already Won It?


I think we all know that Kevin Durant should win this years MVP award. Even last years MVP Derrick Rose has stated that he believes KD should be this years MVP. Heres what D.Rose said according to ESPN:

“KD is playing great,” Rose said. “I’m hearing about what he’s doing, hearing about how he’s playing. The numbers speak for itself, how he’s working out this summer, and he’s playing great basketball.

“(Minnesota’s Kevin Love) K-Love been putting in work, too, but I think KD.”

At this point in the season the MVP choice is definitely between Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Yeah Kevin Love has been arguably playing better than anybody, but he plays for the timberwolves who have an average record.

Here are the main reasons why Kevin Durant should win this years MVP over Lebron James:

1. Lebron plays with D.Wade & Chris Bosh.

2. Kevin Durant is playing better and averaging more points than Lebron.

3. The Thunder have a better record than the Heat

4. The Thunder nearly beat the Heat by 20 this season.